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Singapore – July 26, 2011

Rune, an information security firm committed to empowering the defense of privacy, today announced its Silver Sponsorship of Black Hat + 2011. Rune information security professionals will participate in the Black Hat Briefings that will be held August 3 – 4, at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

Rune will debut its premier security product, Deadbolt, in booth #708. Deadbolt is a portable security solution that allows users to secure their critical information, such as emails, documents, images and spreadsheets, either at rest or in transit. With its focus on protecting the data, the secured information can easily move across any infrastructure, hostile or otherwise, providing the user confidence that it is protected and only those with a key will be able to access it. Also debuting and powering Deadbolt is Rune’s Vema-Cipher Technology Platform that combines standards-based encryption techniques with an optional implementation of the proven and unbreakable Vernam cipher co-invented by Gilbert Vernam and Joseph Mauborgne. With a honed focus on making symmetric encryption systems (AES, Vernam, e.g.) easier and practical to manage, the Vema-Cipher Technology Platform utilizes Quantum Random Number Generators (classical equivalents supported) combined with innovative techniques that make symmetric key management practical. If your company is attending Black Hat and would be interested in a demonstration of Deadbolt, please stop by booth #708.

“We’re very excited to launch not only Deadbolt, but the entire company at Black Hat,” said Lance Gaines, President/CTO of Rune. “With the rising number of severe information security issues in the news, general users are becoming much more informed. We believe in the user’s ability to make good information security choices. Deadbolt bridges the gap between uncompromised security and everyday technology users. We are passionate about information security and are looking forward to the feedback from the sophisticated attendees. ”

About Rune
Rune Information Security Corporation Pte Ltd, based out of Singapore, was founded by a group of like-minded individuals that believe in empowering the defense of privacy. Rune is committed to becoming a leader in the information security marketplace by delivering best-of-breed products and solutions to address the ever-increasing demand for security, both locally and in the cloud. Rune continues to invest in and contribute to open source projects, delivering toolkits that information security professionals can easily use to integrate standards-based encryption and Vernam encryption into many applications. Rune delivers appliances and software that make managing and using symmetric encryption systems practical. For more information regarding Rune, please visit

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