Locksmith Enables Unbreakable Data Security. Create and control your own Deadbolt systems with Locksmith.


Everything about Locksmith is fast and stable. Administrators can copy keys to a USB Device, or burn a DVD. It’s open TRNG interface supports input of random numbers from any source. In addition, it supports TRNG generation with USB based Comscire and ID Quantique out of the box.


Locksmith is plug and play with the Vema-Cipher System. The Locksmith system automatically detects and uses it's agent devices to create Vernam Pads (Keys.)


Vernam based encryption is the only proven unbreakable encryption system. Intelligence agencies, governments and militaries have used Vernam based encryption to secure critical data for generations. The Vema-Cipher System makes this level of protection available to everyone.

  • Use one or many Locksmith Agents with the Vault Key Management Appliance
  • Open TRNG Interface, Use any random numbers generator
  • Foundation of Unbreakable Encryption
  • Efficiently produce Vernam Pads (Keys)

When reading daily headlines of data breaches, it is clear that information security is a significant issue. Data lives in a perilous world that presents a unique set of trust issues that governments, businesses and individuals must address to minimize risk. With threats increasing and attackers taking the advantage of choosing when, where, and how to attack our data, the need for a simple, reliable and secure solution becomes more critical every day.

Locksmith enables the next generation in data security. It is a fast, secure and easy to use appliance that empowers users to create unbreakable Vernam Pads that protect data for storage and sharing over any network. Locksmith enables unbreakable security as part of the Vema-Cipher Technology Platform that when combined with policies guarantee an unparalleled data security solution for users.

Locksmith is a system that scales from protecting few to thousands, if more production capacity is needed, just add more Locksmith Agent appliances. Locksmith is sold with Vault, the central key management component that produces and escrows encryption keys. Locksmith Agents enables the Vault to produce and escrow Vernam Pads.

With unbreakable security, most critical information traditionally sent via courier can now be shared via the Internet, saving time and money.

Rune is your partner in data protection and privacy.


  • Create Deadbolt USB Security Tokens
  • Burn CD/DVDs for Distribution or Escrow
  • Plug and Play with Vault, Locksmith's Key Management device and any number of Locksmith Agents.
  • Open TRNG Interface
  • USB Support for Comscire R2000KU
  • USB Support for ID Quantique Quantis